Besides making a choice according to your needs, it is important that you know how to complement your guitar performance. There is a wide variety of elements on the music market that will make easier and improve your musical performance sound quality. Besides, it will allow you to make variants so as to develop it fully. Therefore, we show you below a list of possible products, giving details of its functions. We will include accessories, amplifiers and effect processors.


No accessory is essential to play music. However, the performance will be easier. One of the options available are tool cases, having pliers to cut strings, screwdrivers, Allen keys, a stringer and a spare set of strings. Picks are other variant. It is important to always have spare picks since they are often lost, due to its small size. Guitar music stands are also very important accessories, since they help to play protecting the instrument. The metronome is an accessory used to measure beats per second. Measuring the progress of your performance and scales is essential. Cables are essential to play the electric guitar. It is important that this accessory is a good quality one, since they could otherwise harm the sound. Electronic tuner is an affordable and easy-to-use accessory, even for a beginner. A cleaning set is necessary to keep your guitar in good conditions and, thus, make it last longer. Other accessory to take into account is the “strap” or “thali”, really useful to play while standing and, thus, prevent positions that can harm your health.


Amplifiers are essential elements for any guitar player, since they fully define the instrument sound. Adjusting the choice to the use the amplifier is going to have is very important. The sound required on a private house is not the same as the one for a small club or a huge stadium. One of the options available on the market are bulbs, having a technology that needs quite a lot of maintenance. It has a soft sound, allowing accurate and flexible distortions. Integrated circuit amplifiers, on the contrary, have a solid status, producing powerful but inaccurate distortions. One of their advantages is that they are very light to be easily moved. Other option within the amplifier market are bands. They have a loudspeaker and control cabinet. They are ideal for beginners playing on their private homes and 8,10 or 12 –inch bands are advisable. On the contrary, separate amplifiers or “stacks” have a head to place the amplifier on and the loudspeakers are separate. They are advisable for advanced musicians or professionals. Other aspect that is very important as regards amplifiers is the power of their watts. You need to take into account that there is not a direct relation between the amount of watts and sound power, since the main thing is how the entrance signal is amplified. Using a 30-watt amplifier is advisable for a small place, 100-watt amplifier for open places and 250-watt amplifier for big stadiums.

Effect processors

This type of processor is usually used in electric guitars. According to how the sound will be used, there are different aspects to take into account. If the desired effect is distortion, using processor models called 1901, Bee-baa distortion, Bluesbreaker, Tone bender or Big Muff Pi is advisable. If the effect wanted is electric, distortion models Blender, Foxie Lady, Fuzz Face, Super Fuzz, Guvernor, Omnidrive, Purple Pedal, Rocky Head, Sonic Distortion, Super Fuzz or Tone bender are recommended. If you need octaves, the options available are Diferential Octave, Green Ringer, Octave/Fuzz and Scrambler. If, on the contrary, you are looking for compressor effects, you can use Black Box, Compressor or 1903 model. To achieve modulation and echo effects, you can use Atack delay, Phaser, Envelope modifier, Tremolo EAN, Vibramatic, Tremolo Kay, Tremolo PET or Envelope modifier. If, on the contrary, you are looking for a filter effect, EQ and Booster, using Booster high-picth processors, Wah-wah Cry baby or speakerphone simulators is the most advisable thing to do. Each of the suggested models can be found in different brand names and prices, within the music market.

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