The process carried out to build a guitar requires specific techniques, as well as any other handicraft. These techniques vary according to the time, the type of guitar, the tradition and the craftsman. How long the process lasts also depends on certain factors. The estimated labor time is usually between fifty and a hundred hours.

Anyway, you can draw a map on the steps any guitar builder must follow to carry out the building process for this instrument. These steps will be shown below, so that you can get a solid knowledge about the guitar, no matter if you are a professional or amateur musician.

  1. Firstly, quality woods are chosen, taking into account the type of guitar to build. The wood must always be of good quality and stored under strict moisture and temperature control.
  2. Then, the instrument side rings are folded, molding its later length and shape.
  3. Afterwards, it is necessary to cut out the harmonic lid and glue the harmonic bars to the instrument lid. Thus, and after a pressurized drying, the parts will be stuck together.
  4. Once the glue is dried, the border is added and the handle and harmonic lid are stuck together. This is an essential step to make sure the alignment is appropriate.
  5. Then, molded rings are placed on top of the harmonic lid, gluing pieces and chains, using small pliers to fix them. Therefore, the guitar acquires its particular shape.
  6. The next step consists in putting the guitar glued bottom, support the pieces using resistant glues and wait for the glue to dry during around three hours.
  7. Then, it is necessary to place the jonquils that decorate the edges. This step is only aesthetical, not functional. The fingerboard is appropriately placed, the bridge is incorporated and the handle is shaped. Then, the instrument is sanded down and varnished several times.
  8. The eight step consists in placing the frets on the handle and screw the appropriate tuning pegs.
  9. In case of a flamenco guitar, putting a tap plate is necessary. Once the peg box is fixed, the first and six strings are placed. If the sound is appropriate, the rest of the strings are placed.

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