It is very important that, when buying a guitar, you use a solid criterion for your choice. Whether you are a professional musician or an amateur young person, you must have basic information about the instrument you want to buy. Therefore, our Web site provides you with useful advice to make your choice. Following our advice, the chances of making an effective purchase will be greater.

  • Take account what sound you wish to create. This will define the guitar scale, the type of frets, the neck wood and the body wood.
  • Define what type of features you want to get. In this sense, you need to determine if you need a lever, what type of signal is required, whether sound or comfort are favored, what weight to bear and how important aesthetics are.
  • Consider the budget you have. This will significantly restrict the type of guitars you can access to. We know the offer is highly wide, since the different materials and functions of the instruments produce significant variations in price.
  • Do not make your choice based on the guitar brand name. Although many times brand name is quality guarantee, there are many other factors that must lead the choice. A quality brand guitar may be a useless instrument if it does not fulfill the necessary requirements for you to carry out an effective performance.
  • Try the electric guitar on the store where you purchase it. Buying a guitar is not something that happens every day. Therefore, it is important that you take the time to try its sound as many times as necessary, without being carried by salesmen’s rush. If you try it before you buy it, the chances of a mistake are significantly reduced.
  • Do not add too many items to complement what the guitar lacks. Although there are objects that can improve the guitar sound, it needs to fulfill the requirements wanted on its own, without adding too many effects and accessories.
  • Do not make a choice based on famous artists' guitars. We know that trying to imitate music idols by getting the same instruments they have is very tempting. However, a purchase made following that criterion will probably be useless. The purchase criterion must always be led by your particular needs.
  • Do not buy second-hand instruments. They have several aesthetic flaws that, as everybody knows, are not minor details on a guitar. Although they do not usually have problems as regards sound, they do not have reliable guarantees allowing to file the appropriate complaints. Therefore, you rather spend a bit more money but get a top-quality guitar from the market.

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