They work without electric amplification, since the sound is produced through mechanical force. They are divided into two groups, according to the type of strings: nylon strings and steel strings. There are in turn different types within these two groups.

Nylon string guitars are usually used to play folk, blues, rock and jazz. On the one hand, there are classic nylon string guitars, ideal for beginners. There are also flamenco nylon string guitars, built similarly to classic guitar, but with some changes to adjust it to flamenco rhythms. It is smaller than classic guitar and the rings and bottom are made of Spanish cypress.

On the other hand, there are steel string guitars. Within this group, the name of Christian Frederick Martin stands out, the founder of the company named after his last name, who has made this guitar become a specific type. There also curved lid guitars with metallic strings. The lid and bottom of this type of instrument is made by carving thick pieces of wood through a technique allowing an extreme curving.

Electric guitars

This type of guitar works through electromagnetic transducers called "pickups". This is a pickup unit, in charge of converting string vibration into electrical signs. The sound can thus be amplified and processed. They are divided into two groups, marked by brand names having such a high impact on music history that they became acclaimed models.

On the one hand, there is the group of "Fender" guitars. The so called Fender Stratocaster is ideal for any repertoire, and that is why it is the most well-known guitar. Its several pickups allow it to have a wide variety of sounds. It is very appropriate for hard rock. Fender Telecaster, on the other hand, is ideal for country music although it adjusts fine to rock.

On the other hand, there is the group of "Gibson" guitars. Gibson Les Paul guitar has two humbucking pickups and a three-position pickup selector. It is highly recommendable for jazz and blues players. Gibson Sg guitar, on the contrary, is characterized by two cuttings and sharp edges. There is also a hollow body Gibson, trying to merge the sound of acoustic guitar with the support of electric guitar. It is composed of a hollow box having a block of solid wood on the center, giving support to prevent howling.

Electroacoustic guitars

Electroacoustic guitars are acoustic guitars having an electronic amplification allowing external connections, amplifiers for instance.

Although it resembles both acoustic and electric guitars, it does not have the same sound, since it is transmitted through a microphone placed inside the box.

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